Saint Calixte en Louron

The bottom of oven as you have never seen it! 

Further to the works of consolidation which took place in the bottom of oven, we were able to discover closer and to the light, the Romanic paintings of the 12th century and those of the 15th, a single word, a magnificent!

Here are some examples !

Instruments de M. Stoof, restaurateur des peintures
Instruments of Mr Stoof, restorer

Autre vue

Peinture romane, collège Apostolique
Romanic painting
Chevaliers chrétiens peinture du XVème siècle
Knights, painting of the 15th century
Personnage du collège Apostolique
One of the Evangelists character, romanic painting
Peinture romane
Other Evangelist character

Pied du Christ en Majesté, peinture romane
Foot of the Christ in Majesty, Romanic painting
Livre de vie
Book of Life held by the Christ in Majesty of the left hand and put on sound knees
Main bénissante
Hand blessing from the Christ in Majesty
Personnage de l'Adoration des Mages, peinture du XVème
Character of the Worship of the Wise men, 15th Century paintings

Personnage de la Flagellation, peinture du XVème
Character of the Whipping, 15th Century paintings
Personnage de la Crucifixion, peinture du XVème
Character of the Crucifixion, 15th Century paintings
La Crucifixion, peinture du XVème
The Crucifixion, 15th Century paintings