Saint Calixte en Louron

Discover Saint Calixte in pictures !


looking down from the bell tower

Le Louron, du clocher de Saint Calixte

                                                                                                The villages of Louron, as viewed by St Calixte

La vallée du Louron

Vu de St Calixte mai 08

On May 3rd, 2008, here is the vision which we had since the entry of the church.

Saint Calixte


From a place to the other one, Saint Calixte can seem to be us very different...

As we rise to Saint Calixte by the path of the deaths the church appears and, thanks to its bell tower-wall, is easily recognizable.
Apparition du clocher-mur

Du chemin de Mont
If you come from Mont (easy hike Mont-St Calixte-Mont), you will discover Saint Calixte like that !

Par la route de Cazaux Fréchet
By rising in the feeds which surround it, Saint Calixte appears in his natural case, the mountains of Louron.


The impressive bell tower-wall, added in the 16th Century to welcome bells.

Entrée Saint Calixte
From here you will penetrate into Saint Calixte's surrounding wall.

Porte d'entrée de l'égliseHere is the unique front door of the church.

Barrier of protection in front of the church
During winter, 2011, the Association of local authorities of the Valley of Louron settled a barrier of protection in front of St Calixte.


Bells, link completed between the inside and the outside, ring always at the moment to give rhythm to the life of the inhabitants of the valley, with two strong moments during the day, at 7 am and 7 pm !

                            L'Adoration des Mages                                La Flagellation
These two paintings of the 15th Century are a part of four scenes situated in the apse, behind the altarpiece, under the Romanesque painting. It is about the Worship of the Wise Men (to the left) and about a scene of whipping (to the right). 

Morceau de la représentation de la Cène
Situated on the wall of the north chapel, these tracks of a painting which would represent the Last Supper are one of proofs with witch the walls of the church are completely painted.

Plafond à la française et motif : les Pénitents
French-style ceiling was restored in 2006 and two of its motives, in foreground, the Penitent, behind we suppose a scene of fight.

Statue du retable, St Calixte                            Statue du retable, Saint Bertrand

These two statues are a part of the altarpiece of the 18th Century and occupy each a side. To the left is a representation of Saint Calixte and to the right Saint Bertrand de Comminges.

Statue équestre de Saint Calixte
Other Saint Calixte's representation on its horse ! This statue was stolen one night of May, 1981, found at an antique dealer of Montpelier and restored to the municipality in 1989, the wood having been completely stripped.