Saint Calixte en Louron

Association of Saint Calixte in Louron, thousand years and later...

        Hello and thank you for your visit !

Now that you become acquainted with Saint Calixte, here is or chance to prensent us ourselves to you !

Created in 2003, on the initiative of the local community and supporters, the objective of our non-profit association is to ensure that Saint Calixte is saved and maintained for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations. The community of Cazaux-Fréchet-Anéran-Camors groups togethter six hamlets, each with its own church or a chapel, a rich but expensive heritage.

We try for several years to value and to become known Saint Calixte. For that purpose, we open him it during summer, as well as for European Heritage Days or of the Heritage of Country Day. We edit twice a year a news bulletin intended for the members, which communicates them in a regular way the life of the association and the church. The summer is also convenient to welcome conducted tours oragniser by the Country of Art and History or still concerts, always appreciated by the spectators, for its only executive in Louron, in particular!
With the aim of producing a visit of the church more pleasant and being able to discover all the hidden treasures, the association surrounded in the installation of cold lights, at first in the bottom of oven, then more recently, on the ceiling painted French-style.

The association also dashed into the research for subsidies allowing to launch a new phase of work.

Works have already been taking place for several years. These important and expensive renovations and detailed here

As a result of these initial works we are lucky to know have, at that moment, a healthy and watertight building. The ceiling can now be found to represent the magnificence of former days.

The outer sanitation works were a source of surprise. Indeed they lead to the discovery around the church of graves from the 13th Century. These are in good state of preservation, among which can be found one of a child.

At the moment, there are numerous works the most urgent are the consolidation of the north chapel as well as the suite of that of the paintings of the bottom of oven.
All the works were overseen by the D.R.A.C.

To note also that the Association of local authorities of the Valley of Louron settled a barrier of protection which secures now the neighborhoods of the church.

Our association was dissolved following the AGM and AGM of April 20, 2019. You can continue to support our church through the new association "Projet Saint Calixte" which you can find on its website